Thursday, October 30, 2008

Raffles Medical - Are you well, Doctor?

Raffles announced its financial statements today. Since its in the business of treating people's illness, given this recessionary environment....would it do well? Will it, because people scared to "chao keng" take MC then kanna fired, see a dwindling of revenue? Or will it, because people become more gloomy, resulting in more illnesses see a rise in revenue? We don't know and we dont care cos of the following pic. You bet we will be visiting the group more often!Ok let's get down to business, shall we?

Come Doc, show me your tongue. Say aargh...Ok your Net Profit margin comes in at 16%. Hmm, pretty decent. You keep it up Doc. Drink more water and stay away from milk as it will aggravate you diarrhea.

Now, please lie down, lift your legs and let me poke your tummy. Let's see your current assets is lower than your current liabilities. Oh dear, what a terrible gastric flu you have. Luckily, its just a common gastric flu and you are just short of only 67314,000-67109,000 = 205,000. Here let me prescribe some common tablets and you will be well in a jiffy!Nothing to worry much about, it seems.

Oh my Doc, are you hiding anything away from me? How much is the interest for loaning that S$25 million?It would greatly help me in prescribing the right medicine, you know.

Let me check your heartbeat now. Keep still Doc. A positive Free Cash Flow, well Doc, not to worry, you will be fine. Take it easy on the Nurses, OK....

Your price now is $0.67 and your NAV per share is $0.41. You are not cheap eh Doc..but then again you are supposedly recession should be fine..Keep attracting patients from abroad Doc..

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