Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oil prices- a negative for property

Everyone knows that property has been propped up by low interest rates and excess cash liquidity in the world. If you haven't noticed yet, the finance sector in Singapore has been silently retrenching people since last November.These banks are mainly those europe ones due to the euro-zone crisis. I am not too sure if these banks are as flush with liquidity given the bad loans that need to be forgiven, Greece for now. maybe Spain next?( 500 singtel employees retrenched and given a new role in Huawei..hmm for how long?Nice spin.SIA offers pilots unpaid leave for up to 2 years...Whats happening?Good deal for SIA)

Some people may say, the Central banks can just pump somemore money into the system to shore up the liquidity of these banks. True....but with oil prices slowly creeping up and inflation becoming more pervasive and with the Iran tensions ongoing...are they able to keep on pumping money into the system? Oil prices determines how much room there is for liquidity which in turn determines how much support there is for property. No data, just reasoning. Too high oil prices can lead to social unrest i feel.

Having said that, my emotional decision for staying in the market with 50% invested has been rewarding with lending fees and dividends dripping in, in addition to some additional capital appreciation.

I am also pleasantly surprised that the district which i am eyeing for my property purchase has shown a massive amount of new listings BUT with ridiculous asking prices which will make Warren Buffet get a heart attack. I am comfortable with my house now...nay maybe i should just stay put for another 10 more years and utilize my cash somewhere else.

Cheers to the stock market. Tata


  1. I just read an article on another blog saying that the property market is overvalued in Singapore, and that lots of people are using leverage to invest in that sector.

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