Saturday, May 17, 2014

Super Group - No SGX announcement over the weekend

No alerts from my mobile phone app about any SGX announcement about Super Group. Went to SGX website to confirm, nope, no new announcements. Now this is a good thing, as usually,i believe a company would post 'earth shattering' news after friday closing or during the weekends so that the market can take the time to absorb the news and reduce their 'emo' actions. But this is just an "act smart" theory.
Most importantly, the ultra indiscriminate selling occurred about  2-3 business days ago, and based on the Securities and Futures Act, Substantial Shareholders or Directors are required to disclose publicly any change in shareholding within 2 business days.
These further strengthens the hypothesis that the selling was not done by Substantial Shareholders or Directors but instead  by short sellers or retail investors who probably panicked after buying at a Super (pun intended) high price.(52 weeks high was $5.05)
Substantial Share holders: (Annual Report 2013)
Yeo Hiap Seng,Far East Organisation (11.68%)
The Capital Group of Companies (9.05%)
Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing ( Sam Goi a.k.a Popiah King related)(4.72%)

Anyway, was at Bedok Point on 17 May 2014 , 9pm,Saturday and Owl Cafe does seem to have a good packed crowd at night. This is much much better than Pastamania, Kungfu Paradise,Ajisen Ramen but comparable to Starbucks Coffee.

It is also a good thing that NTUC(Bedok Mall) places Owl and Super Group brands of coffee at the best location, eye level (2nd,3rd,4th) row. Old Town is placed right at the bottom, so is Ah Huat. Nescafe is placed at the top stack, not exactly at eyelevel. What i can infer is that Super Group has a relatively high bargaining power with Supermarkets(NTUC at least) compared with the others coffee brands
Owl Cafe

Ajisen Ramen


Kungfu Paradise


NTUC( Notice 3-4 row all Super Group)
 NTUC(Notice 2-4 row all Owl Coffee)


  1. Manufacturers have to "buy" the shelf space from NTUC fairprice to place their products.

    There are higher fees involved for "Eye-level" space vs bottom shelf space.

  2. Thanks 12:56PM for the insight :)


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