Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bought Comfortdelgro and hoping for the best

The dividends being 5%+ and a currently, consistently free cash flow positive company with little or no debts. With the PE being in the low teens, it is a sin for me not to take part.

Judging by the huge gap down coinciding with the huge short-sell volume on 15 Sept and 18 Sept, this indicates that the huge down is due to short-sellers, not genuine sellers. A short-seller has to buy back the shares eventually.

Short-sell value
19 Sept - SGD 7,335,227
18 Sept - SGD 13,958,536
15 Sept - SGD 19,597,813
14 Sept - SGD 1,642,692
13 Sept - SGD 2,714,317
12 Sept - SGD 1,320,798
11 Sept - SGD 1,342,370

There is no denying that Grab and Uber is affecting them greatly. There is very little catalyst that i can imagine coming from the alliance between Uber and Comfort. The short sellers must also be taking the opportunity to short it when comfort didn't clinch the contract for the MRT line.

I am hoping for the best and will average down as it goes further. The short-sell value seems to decrease on 19 Sept. Let's see if it decreases further.


  1. Hi may i know where can i see these short seller figures? And how do you know it is short selling? thanks.

  2. Sgx , click market information , click marking of sell orders


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