Saturday, October 7, 2017

SIA Engineering and JP Morgan Asset Management

I understand that SIA Engineering was dropped as a STI Component on 1 Sep 2017 and this remains the most possible explanation for now, though lingering doubts remain.

The Curious Case of SIA Engineering
SIA Engineering and try to make sense of JP Morgan's sale

Based on SGX website, the Edge Singapore mentioned JP Morgan Asset Management Real Assets (Singapore) Pte Ltd, so i went to google and it brought me to a list of funds managed by JP Morgan Asset Management.

The most likely place a stake such as SIA Engineering would be hiding in would be in the following 3 funds.

JP Morgan Funds - Singapore Fund (Total fund size of USD63 Million)
JP Morgan Funds - Singapore Fund

JP Morgan Funds - Asean Equity ( Total fund size of USD433.9 Million)
JP Morgan Funds - ASEAN Equity

JP Morgan Funds - Asia Pacific Equity (Total fund size of USD 919 Million)
JP Morgan Funds - Asia Pacific
Based on the total fund size and top ten holdings, it is impossible for SIA Engineering to be among the list of funds above, unless they bought it after July 2017. The traded volume, however, does not correspond to this hypothesis.
Maybe, it is in the other entities of JP Morgan. Anyhow, let's see what SGX emails back with.

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