Sunday, October 19, 2008

Olam - Or is it Golam from Lord Of the Rings?

Olam another supply chain manager ( Noble)....traded volume on 17 Oct 2008 is 15,567, down -5.7%. Noble, volume was 63,865, down -13.8%! Let's scrutinise Olam's financial strength, shall we?

See Income Statement (ABOVE)

Net Profit margin of Olam: 2.05% ( Ok, seems like such razor thin margins are common in this kind of supply chain industry. See article onNoble. Risky...given the impending downturn..)

Balance Sheet (ABOVE)

Olam's ( Not Golam from Lord of the Ring OK!) debt repayment: 1.26 times. CA more than CL. OK, thats good to hear!

Cash Flow (ABOVE)
Olam's money in-money out: Negative? Where's the 'duit' my friend! Show me some money!

Worth of Company per share (ABOVE)

Olam's last done price is S$1. Its Net Asset Value per share is 29.66Cents. ( Hmm..we thought stocks were cheap now? Really Glam sia this stock!)
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