Electricity Statistics

The charts below are arranged in months with the most recent ones at the top. 

Red lines - SP regulated Tariff price

Green lines - Electricity retailer price ( 6% off SP regulated tariff price)

In each month,  two charts are shown. 

  1. the average wholesale electricity prices ( average WEP) 
  2. the maximum wholesale electricity prices (average WEP)

On the horizontal axis, period refers to time of the day, segmented half-hourly.
Period 1 refers to 0000 - 0030. 
Period 2 refers to 0030 - 0100. 
Period 47 refers to 2300-2330. 
Period 48 refers to 2330 - 0000.

October 2021
Without GST

Without GST


Without GST

Without GST


Without GST

Without GST

JULY 2021
Without GST

Without GST

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