Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Citigroup - Should we follow Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and GIC?

Our barber told us today that he recently bought 16 shares of Citigroup. He just said he felt inspired to buy Citigroup after watching their advertisements and that he just hope that this bank will not fail or else that chio eurasian girl he has been bioing would be out of job. We just love this barber for his cute way of thinking. Anyway, we decided to check it out. Let's use the GIC and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA)'s investment as the basis of analysis, and not ratios, balance sheet, tier one ratio and stuff.

From Citigroups 2007 statements (Above)
From GIC's press release (Above)

Comparison (Above)

From the comparison table above, both ADIA and GIC would have the option to convert the Citigroup ( Citibank) share to a common stock at the price of around $31.83 - $37.24 ( around 2010 - 2011) and $31.2 respectively, given the assumptions and assuming no adjustments.

Therefore from the above, an inference can be made that GIC or ADIA could be expecting Citigroup's share price to be roughly at least $31-$37 by late 2010. The price of Citigroup share now is hovering around $11-$12. So, is this a good buy now since GIC and ADIA has already invested in it?

Well, having seen the saga of ABC Learning, it might be wise not to follow these entities blindly since who knows what their real motives are. "Transformers, more than meets the eye...doh da di da da...autobots..." Furthermore, ADIA and GIC made these investments in Jan 08 and Dec 07, where the full seriousness of the crisis was still not widely known. So do you think its a good buy? Sharing is caring!
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