Friday, May 16, 2014

Old Town Berhad and Super Group - different state of affairs

Super Group dropped another 3-4% on 15 May 2015. So i shout with GLEE, YES! Having bought at $2.95, why am i happy when it closed at $2.84 the next day? Shouldn't i be a bit affected  if not emotional? Actually, i exaggerate and i am not happy but i am definitely not emotional and i stand ready to buy. 
Firstly, looking at the number of short sellers,
15 May 2015 - Volume of  transacted shorts 630,685
14 May 2015 - Volume of transacted shorts 421,000
12 May 2015 - Volume of transacted shorts 90,000
09 May 2015 - Volume of transacted shorts 70,000
08 May 2015 - Volume of transacted shorts 173,000
It is obvious that this price plunge is due to people playing the market and not due to the long term fundamentals of the company.

Secondly, my partner- in -crime alerted me to a somewhat opposite state of affairs across the Straits of Malacca in our friendly neighbourhood of Malaysia, Truly Asia. Old Town Berhad's shares has been acquired by Artisan International Small Cap Fund ,Matthew International Capital Management and Mawer Investment management pretty aggressively since March 2014. And Old Town Berhad is a direct competitor of Super Group especially after Super Group ventured into the cafe business under the brand of Owl Cafe (link.).( The other one is VizBranz but it has been taken private some years ago and it doesn't have cafes).
Old Town doesn't have better ratios , more of comparable ratios to Super, if not lousier than Super Group slightly.(Bloomberg Mobile) So, why are funds buying into Old Town? A logical answers would be there must be some value in this FMCG space.
Super Group
P/E - 16.55
P/B - 3.29
P/S - 2.88
Div yield-3.17%

Old Town Berhad
P/E - 19.29
Div yield - 1.44%

I am taking a risk, yes. Let's wait to see if there is any announcement over the weekend of any news.Not too long ago (Jan 2014), Bloomberg ran an article of possible acquisition of Super by Suntory or Kirin. , with many analysts reports placing target prices of $4-6. Now, they are reversing their target prices, after the FACT. Really lame. Maria, get me a cup of Nanyang White Coffee. You give me more value than these analysts!

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