Saturday, December 6, 2014

IFAST IPO - What i like and dislike

To me, no matter how excellent a company's business model or financials is, it is extremely important to a minority shareholder to know what his or her exit strategy is. What's the use of investing in an excellent company where the returns are not shared meaningfully with the minority shareholder? Many people say that as long as the business is doing well, the company share price will follow suit. Yes, that happens and the minority shareholder can reap a return from the capital appreciation, BUT, stop and think about companies which don't give much or any dividends and yet,  it's price still increase.

Why should the share price increase when there is no or very little sharing of the profits when the company is doing very well? In my opinion, it is just sheer hope or speculation that Mr Market will buy it at a higher price OR the majority shareholder will sell the assets or company at a high price and capital be distributed back to the minority shareholders. In short, investing purely for capital appreciation is purely gambling, instead, cashflow(dividends) and its reinvestment and more cashflow and its reinvestment is what Albert Einstein called, the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands compounding earns it, he who doesn't, pays it. Thats why i launch

What i like about IFAST

This is a type of company which do not need much in terms of capital spending and super scalable. It is able to churn out free cash flow consistently, assuming it can ward off competition. Current competitors are DollarDex, Aviva Navigator,Poems platform,banks. 

What i really dislike about IFAST
They have no dividend policy and have only recommended a dividends of 60% of their net profit in 2015 and 4Q2014 only. Thereafter, it is really a gamble on whether any dividends will be paid as they did not promise nor recommend anything beyond 2015. See below print screen.Important data is underlined in RED.

At 95 cents, IPO price and using year 2013's net profit of $8,474,000 as a guide for the net profit of year 2015. (because this has been audited and is the most recent full year. Note that this is just an estimate, assumption,guide e.t.c).

Pay out as dividends in 2015 : 60% of $8,474,000 = $5,084,400
Post-IPO shares: 256,225,334
Dividend yield in 2015 ONLY: (5,084,400/256,225,334)*100% = 1.98%. 

This is not attractive to me and after 2015, who knows. 

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