Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Unsatisfactory reply from SGX Regarding SIAEC - Part 2

Oh boy, i sound like the mad dog who refuses to let go.

Actually, if they have read my blog, they would have realised i already checked the annual reports and also checked the funds JP Morgan holds.

The annual report reflects many nominee accounts who hold shares for people and one of these nominee accounts could be holding shares for JP Morgan. Most likely DBS Nominees or Citbank Nominees since they are the only ones who hold more than 38.8 million shares. 

I understand the rule that a shareholder, holding less than 5%, do not need to issue notifications as they are not substantial shareholders. 

This reply email from SGX doesn't tell me anything i don't already know. Perhaps, it adds to my curiousity only.

What i am curious is:
1) How come SGX through their stockfacts service is aware that Matthews own 22 million and Seafarer owns 10 million but not aware that JP Morgan owns 38.8 million shares?
2) Is there some form of market manipulation going on where major news are allowed to broadcast news but no one knows what's happening and no one questions? I mean if im a big  boy and just releasing such unverified facts to move a share price without any cost, wow, easy money.
3) Can SGX stockfacts be relied upon and trusted? 

Which points me to another question. Why does SIA not want to privatise SIA engineering since it already owns 77% and save on listing fees?

Lots to learn..lots to learn

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