Monday, March 19, 2018

My thoughts about the Singapore property market

Everywhere i turn, i can't escape from someone getting a windfall from their enbloc sale. My parents, my secondary school friend, my client, my cousin and the newspapers. And i didn't. Horror of horrors!
The following are taken from SRX.

Private property ( non landed) Sale - above and Rental- below index

HDB Sale- above and Rental-below Index
1) For private property, the price is increasing but the rental is decreasing. Coupled with increasing interest rates, i wonder what is the fuel that will sustain the price increases? Euphoria borne from the spate of enbloc sales? 

2) HDB is following a more logical path, price goes down and rental also go down. And not all HDB dwellers are with a bank loan as they can take HDB loan. Such will be immune to interest rate rises going forward.

3) If HDB rental continues to fall, where is the "floor" to support private property rental rates?

4) I can see on hindsight how property prices continued its appreciation till 2013 as property price increases are coupled with rental increases. ( not to mention low ir). 

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