Tuesday, May 15, 2018

About rental car excess insurance - Apex vs Jucy - New Zealand holiday

Rental car insurance is a rip-off. Be careful of excess insurance reduction from rental car companies as the list of exclusions are difficult to interpret OR easily manipulated to fit into their definitions.

We have narrowed down 2 rental car companies that gives real value for money in New Zealand.
Apex car rental and Jucy. These are considered 2nd tier rental companies. 1st tier ones would be Hertz, Avis e.t.c who generally uses very new cars with little mileage but the prices are easily 20-40% more expensive.

Apex and Jucy prices their cars  roughly the same but here is why Apex beats Jucy hands down.

Roof damages

Apex Car Rental (top)
Jucy (bottom)
For full excess reduction insurance, it cost $20 per day for both companies. Apex will cover any roof damages, period. ( standard tncs apply). However, for Jucy, it doesn't cover any roof damages regardless of any circumstance . This was quite shocking to me as Jucy further elaborated that hail and falling of a tree branch, both being quite possible and through no fault by the driver, is not covered.

Claim Administration fee

Jucy also charges NZD 75 bucks per claim, irregardless of having full excess reduction insurance or not, or whether one is at fault or not, while Apex doesn't have such a fee. This fee by Jucy feels very ridiculous to me.

Authorised driver

Apex allows one to add authorised drivers for free while Jucy charges $2 per day, per additional driver. While this cost is not a deal breaker ,do note that the rental insurance is only valid if the driver was added.

Toll and infringement administration fee

Jucy charges NZD$60 for each toll/infringement claim incurred but Apex charges NZD$10 for each toll claim and NZD$25 for each infringement claim.

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