Monday, May 28, 2018

Hyflux - where we stand

I think at this point of time, it would be good to know how much vested interest there is among the key stakeholders in Hyflux to help the preference shareholders ( N2H), perpetual shareholders (BTWZ)  and the ordinary shareholders (600).

It would also be good to know as a really rough gauge, how many people are affected. I should make it clear that this number is just a very rough ball park figure because some of the securities( N2H, BTWZ, 600) are held in nominee accounts which can hold for many different shareholders, information is based on public available information updated sometime ago, people buy and sell and rounding off errors.

Amount of money at risk for Hyflux directors

The following is the amount of money at risk for the directors. This information is taken from the annual report of 2017.

Number of affected shareholders

Based on the 2017 annual report, there are 20,104 (N2H) holders.
Based on the IPO allocation table, there are 23,868 (BTWZ) holders.
I am unable to find info the number of 600 holders.

N2H holders
BTWZ holders
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