Monday, October 13, 2008

Safer than Saving Accounts and Higher Returns???

Wow...a reader just told us about this investment idea...safer than the bank deposit and earning more than the rate of return of savings interest, fixed Deposits or even money market funds! Sounds like the perfect plan...but if it sounds too good to be probably is (maybe)..research at your own risk!

7% - 10% returns per annum and safer than bank deposits. Low risk, high returns ( an anomaly, we have always thought the next safest place after the saving account is our Khong Guan Biskit Tin or under our mattress...)
This is taken from their website on why its safer:
Protection of TEPs
Traded Endowments are even "safer" than S$ Bank Deposits. Singapore only has maximum Deposit Insurance up to S$20,000 per bank. Even if you have S$1 million with a bank, you only get back S$20,000 if the bank goes into trouble.
For Traded Endowment, the protection is 90% of the amount of policy cash value, not subject to a maximum amount. Below is the company stating this claims.
Pls note that SGDividends is new to this thing too and we are not here to promote anything..just for awareness sake.....steady boh!

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