Thursday, December 8, 2016

What will i be doing since the STI has surged

As of writing, the STI has hit a high of 2960.67. Don't know whether to be happy or sad. I'm happy because my concentration of purchases in banks since September 2015 and throughout 2016 paid off. I am quite happy because my Super Group shares are very highly likely to be privatized. I made a loss as i went in at the wrong entry price and its a lesson RE-learnt to not fall in love with a stock. I'm happy because ARA which i acquired this year got privatized and this is a gain in profits. I am sad as with this surge in the market, i haven't the opportunity anymore to increase my income from buying high dividend paying cheap stocks. There were considerations on whether i should take some profits on my banks since the RSI ( relative strength index) has hit a very extreme overbought level but i think i won't as i do not know where to put the cash and i am not a trader by nature ( i realised again!).

There has been many wrong forecast in the media about where the market will go, like people thought the Brexit or Trump event will cause some upheaval in the market but look at where we are now. I have re-learnt that there is no point in forecasting, just look at the current situation and see whats best( with some gunpowder of course).So, as i really don't know what to do, i have finally surrendered to investing in the NIKKO STI ETF. This is because other than the benefits of diversification to reduce risk( yawnzz) i get 2% commission to purchase the ETF. Yes, i get 2% commission not pay 2% commission which means i make an immediate guaranteed 2% gain everytime i buy. Without being paid 2% commission, i would not be buying an ETF as it's only giving me between 2-3% yield pa which doesn't fit into my style of investing. Furthermore, I do not think the STI is in overvalued territory ( or bargain price) and so will just continue with this until it hits 3100 then i will stop.

Been reading a book by Bobby Jeyaratnam and reading up on the financial presentations by the different REITS in Singapore and I am beginning to change my opinion on them after many years of observing and reflecting. I will be looking into finding any good opportunities to load them.


  1. hello, can i check, why is it that you receive a 2% commission from the purchase of the ETF?

  2. POSB cashback ...fulfil with investsaver if you are new.
    But existing investsavers lost their chance


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