Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ezra ...Fighting Spirit Among the Ranks!

Wow wow wow...Ezra made it to the top 20 hitlist for highest volume. See article we wrote about Ezra here. ( We neber short the stock ah..promise you can see the article we wrote wasn't that negative and we are unbiased, only pure facts merlion from our mouth, with substantiated data.) Having said that, we absolutely love Ezra management's swift and sharp response to the Citigroup Investment Research Analyst's report on 22 October 2008. Meeow...Grrrgh...catfight!Owww..Here is their response.

Well SGDividends is neutral to their "intense discussion". (But we kinda like Ezra's management though...but then we also liked Citigroup's "Dream's never sleep" commercial). is something for our readers to think about. This was from Ezra management's mouth in the year 2003 Prospectus. What do you guys (or lovely ladies ...darlings) think, given this current environment?

And if you have read what Citigroup wrote and what Ezra replied about the following term" Market Disruption Clause". Below is an article from The Financial Times regarding it.

To avoid the risk of seeming like we are biased, we have compiled the following link for our readers to read to get the big picture. As our parents always say, let's hear the other side of the story before jumping to conclusions!
Ezra Current Shareholder Responds to a forummer's opinion.
Jaya Holdings, the SGDividends Team is watching you .............

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