Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why Balding People are beautiful?

OK, amid the gloom and doom of this period...Let's let loose abit shall we? SGDividends would like to applaud these 2 fine man in their wonderful leadership during this period. Seriously, they have done well in our opinion.(not sarcastic ok...we are serious..) And look at Paul's watch! It look like a cheapo watch not like the Rolex, Omegas, Patek, IWC watches you see on bankers ( he was from Goldman by the way) Propaganda..maybe..but we don't care as we don't do politics here.

Ok, yes we know, we just got itchy fingers. But we are trying to prove a point. They look ugly with hair. Bald is the new beautiful....seriously. That's gonna be a trend my friends. Anyway, this will definitely go into the BO LIAO stuff on your right. And hey dudes ( meaning Ben and Paul) if you wanna us take this post down, let us know through the comments. We will obey like a dog cos we are shameless and cheap

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