Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Curious case of SIA Engineering

Straits Times reported a massive selling of 38.8 million shares in SIA engineering by JP Morgan. This likely being the reason why it plunged 6% to $3.15.

BUT................A look at the Twenty Shareholders breakdown in their latest Annual Report shows Singapore Airlines Limited holding on to 77.72%

JP Morgan is not in the list. So where did JP Morgan get 38.8 million shares to sell?A look at SGX website Stockfacts on 04/10/2017 also shows JP Morgan not in the list.

The next biggest shareholder is Matthews , holding 22,873,500 shares which is much lesser than JP Morgan's short sale volume of 38.8 million. How do i make sense of this? Are the facts of the reporting wrong? Did JP Morgan borrow shares to short this counter? How did JP Morgan get 38.8 million shares unless Matthews ,Seafarer and some others combined to lend them the shares? Matthews and Seafarers don't seem to be subsidiaries of JP Morgan, based on my brief check on the internet .Will see the short sale report tmr. 

I just stopped eating my prawn mee soup and added some shares to my existing collection. Given its recurring free cashflow, no debt, 4 plus% dividend yield, again, its a sin not to buy since stocks are like rubber band.

Haven't been following this counter for years but a brief search on the internet word says about new aircrafts needing less maintenance, hurting SIA engineering. DBS research in July 2017 noted in their report about a potential catalyst regarding a merger with ST Aerospace or privatization with SIA. ( huh where did this thinking come from?? I can't find any supporting evidence.) . Anyhow, let's hope for the best!

Analysts: Suvro Sarker and Glenn Ng

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