Thursday, November 25, 2021

A Shocking October Electricity Bill for SP Wholesale Customers

" My October electricity bill was 3 times the August one! I'm getting out of it!"

There were many feedback among friends and people in forums who were under the SP Wholesale plan that they were facing astronomical bills and a rush to get out of the wholesale plan. 

This feedback was timely as my Geneco plan is expiring on Feb/March 2022 next year and i have been penning down my thoughts as a way to reflect on the decision on whether to join the 1% of consumers on the wholesale plan.

I would have to probably reconsider switching to the SP Wholesale Plan given how the prices played out in October.

I have been tracking the average SP wholesale electricity plan against both the SP regulated tariff and electricity retailer since Jan 2020 on this page.

October 2021 is indeed the ONLY month where the SP electricity plan exceeded the SP regulated tariffs and not only by a small margin but more than twice!

October 2021

Looking at the charts in October 2021, on an average basis, only if one used electricity from 1 am to 6 am in October will one have an  electricity rate lower than the Wholesale electricity rate.
Hopefully, the situation will be clearer near contract expiry!

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